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[   ]A Grammar of the Multitudet,For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life_Paulo Virno.pdf282K 
[   ]A Question of Tomorrow Blanchot, Surrealism and the Time of the Fragment_David Cunningham.pdf409K 
[   ]Against Bosses,Against Oligarchies-A Conversation with Richard Rorty_Richard Rorty.pdf176K 
[   ]Against Lacanism,An interview with André Green by Sergio Benvenuto_ .pdf139K 
[   ]Art And Space_Martin Heidegger.pdf269K 
[   ]Art and Fear_Paul Virilio.pdf1.5M 
[   ]Coldness and Cruelty_Gilles Deleuze.pdf8.7M 
[   ]Community and Its Paradoxes_Ernesto Laclau.pdf2.8M 
[   ]Crepuscular Dawn_Paul Virilio,Sylver Lotringer.pdf1.2M 
[   ]Deconstruction, Pragmatism, Hegemony_Ernesto Laclau.pdf3.5M 
[   ]Deschooling Society_Ivan Illich.pdf240K 
[   ]Dualism, Monism and Multiplicities (Desire-Pleasure-Jouissance)_Gilles Deleuze.pdf 67K 
[   ]Existence and Existents_Emmanuel Levinas.pdf220K 
[   ]For the Love of Lacan_Jacques Derrida .pdf129K 
[   ]Freudian Models of Language. A Conversation_Julia Kristeva .pdf 50K 
[   ]Gholami-Peyman-AND-Anti-productive-Notes-AND_2.pdf383K 
[   ]Habermas and Lyotard on Postmodernity_Richard Rorty.pdf904K 
[   ]Homo Sacer_Girogio Agamben.pdf6.7M 
[   ]Images of Beckett_John Haynes and James knowlson.pdf6.6M 
[   ]Infancy and History_Giorgio Agamben.pdf5.9M 
[   ]Infinite Thought, Truth and the Return to Philosophy_Alain Badiou.pdf7.3M 
[   ]Lacans Medievalism_Erin Felicia Labbie.pdf2.0M 
[   ]Language and Death, The place of negativity_Agamben.pdf4.0M 
[   ]Marx in Jargon_Keston Sutherland.pdf717K 
[   ]Neuropolitics, Thinking Culture Speed_William E Connolly.pdf1.1M 
[   ]OTHER-SE XUALITIES-I- Psychoanalysis and Homosexuality_Elisabeth Roudinesco An interview with François Pommier .pdf 86K 
[   ]On Feminine Se xuality_Françoise Dolto.pdf 83K 
[   ]On Love, Jacques Lacan and Plato’s Symposium_Bruno Moroncini.pdf119K 
[   ]Philosophy in the Bedroom_Marquis de Sade.pdf697K 
[   ]Powers of Horror, An Essay on Abjection_Julia Kristeva.pdf838K 
[   ]Remarks At Moma_Richard Rorty.pdf 39K 
[   ]Richard Rorty - Response to Ernesto Laclau.pdf1.3M 
[   ]Rital and Raton_Pier Paolo Pasolini and John Shepley.pdf275K 
[   ]Selected Writings_Baudrillard Jean.pdf 12M 
[   ]Some Questions on Politics and Violence_Etienne Balibar.pdf 94K 
[   ]The Aesthetic Revolution and its Outcomes,Emplotments of Autonomy and Heteronomy_Jacques Rancière.pdf 63K 
[   ]The Concept of Model_Badiou.pdf2.0M 
[   ]The Ground of The Image_Jean-Luc Nancy.pdf2.2M 
[   ]The Information Bomb_Paul Virilio.pdf6.0M 
[   ]The Paris Lectures_Edmund Husserl.pdf605K 
[   ]The Real Gaze, Film Theory After Lacan_Todd McGowan.pdf2.4M 
[   ]The end of The Poem_Giorgio Agamben.pdf6.9M 
[   ]Writing and Difference_Jacques Derrida.pdf6.6M